Renegade Craft Fair

Flyer courtesy of Renegade Craft Fair's website.
Flyer courtesy of Renegade Craft Fair’s website.

I’ll keep it short and sweet this time, to give you a break from all of the essay-length pieces that I’ve been putting up! The Renegade Craft Fair is this Saturday and Sunday, an event I am very excited about. I’ve gone for the past two or three years in a row (maybe more?) and I always come away hopeful and inspired.

The point of the fair is to showcase the wares of independent artists and craftspeople. One of the ways in which I hope to build a more conscientious wardrobe is to buy from more local and small businesses. I figure that products made by hand in my regional area will create less waste than large batch manufactured goods, and I can also rest assured that the products I buy were not made in sweatshops. Renegade Craft Fair puts all of these independent businesses in one location for just a little bit, and I can shop even more conveniently. (This year I am on the hunt for a ring.)

While the above dates and location are applicable only to those in the Chicago area, if you live in a major city there will probably be another iteration of Renegade near you. And if you’re not a fan of this particular fair or don’t live in a major city, try searching around to see if there are other events showcasing your local artisans and small businesses.

That’s it from me. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

— S. (a.k.a. AMisplacedPen)

(Just to be clear, no one is paying me to talk about Renegade Craft Fair. But if I’m going to talk about a business/brand/etc. on this blog, it might as well be something that aligns with my sense of ethics!) 


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