Ethical & Eco Beauty, Home, Sewing, etc.: Online

[Note: This page is still in the works, some information may be missing.]


  • EF: Environmentally Friendly
  • RS: Responsibly Sourced
  • FT: Fair Trade certified materials / practices
  • US: Made in the U.S.A.

Price Range Key:

  • $: $10 – $50 per item
  • $$: $50 – $150 per item
  • $$$: $150 – $500 per item
  • $$$$: $500+

The featured companies / brands have a headquarters in the U.S. unless otherwise noted.


  • Portland Black Lipstick Company: All-natural lipsticks made in Portland, Oregon. Shades range from seafoam green to metallic olive-brown, and I am constantly amazed at how beautiful, pigmented, and varied the colors are. In my experience, customer service is wonderful. $ (All-natural, US)
  • Rituel de Fille: I don’t usually wear makeup, and when I do I only use lipstick and a smidge of eyeshadow. This brand has beautiful colors of both, which are all 99% natural. $ (All-natural, US)

Home Goods:

  • Bambeco: A wide variety of home goods made from sustainable materials. Not all of the sourcing information is easily found, but there are enough ethically made items (some of which are made in the U.S.) that this website is worth browsing. (EFRS)
  • Beklina: Unique, beautifully crafted home goods, some of them clearly responsibly sourced and some not so clearly. There are enough of the former that this would be worth a look! $$-$$$$ (EFRS, US)
  • Boll & Branch: Sheets and other bed coverings made from organic, fair trade cotton. $-$$$ (EFFT)
  • Christi Ahee: Unique, sometimes irreverent, ceramics, made by hand in Chicago. (US)
  • Mociun:
  • Modavanti: A one-stop shop for all things conscientiously produced. Prices run all over the spectrum here depending on what you’re looking for. $-$$$ (EFRS)
  • Nell & Mary: (EF, US)
  • Proud Mary:
  • Rodale’s: If you’re looking for a variety of kitchen goods, kids’ toys, and gardening implements, this is where to go. $-$$$$ (EFRS)
  • Sea Bags: If you like the nautical look, this would be a great line of home goods for you. Home goods, including rugs and placemats, made in the U.S. from recycled sails and other fishing equipment. (EFUS)


  • Bamboo Bee: Bikes made out of bamboo! Not much information on labor practices unfortunately. The bikes seem to be assembled mainly in China and Indonesia.

Paper Goods:



  • Tree Hopper Toys: Toys, puzzles, and decorations made near Chicago, IL, using sustainably sourced wood. $ (EFRS, US)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to write about any organizations or businesses that I have mentioned. This post expresses my honest opinions.


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