Ethical & Eco Clothing & Accessories: Online

Ethical Attributes Key:

  • EF: Environmentally Friendly
  • RS: Responsibly Sourced
  • FT: Fair Trade certified materials / practices
  • US: Made in the U.S.A.
  • W: Marketed towards women
  • M: Marketed towards men
  • X: No explicitly gendered marketing

Price Range Key:

  • $: $10 – $50 per item
  • $$: $50 – $150 per item
  • $$$: $150 – $500 per item
  • $$$$: $500+

The featured companies / brands have a headquarters in the U.S. unless otherwise noted.


  • Alchemy Goods: Bags, belts, and other accessories made in the U.S.A. from recycled inner tubes, billboards, seatbelts, etc. Durable and unique. $-$$ (EFUSW, M)
  • Big Bud Press: Pins and patches and bags! (US)
  • Est Wst Collective: Backpacks, scarves, and other accessories made from handwoven or vintage textiles. Many of the textiles are woven by women who left their homes due to abuse and are weaving to feed themselves and their children. $-$$ (EFRSX)
  • Kayu: Beautiful clutches and bags, made from straw or shell, that, in the making, provide living wages to women and preserve indigenous crafts and techniques. $$-$$$ (RS)
  • Mokuyubi: Pins and patches and bags! (US)
  • Nell & Mary: Beautifully screenprinted backpacks, tote bags, pouches, weekender bags, and dopp kits, made in Portland, Oregon. $-$$ (EF, US)
  • Oliberté: Rugged leather accessories (and shoes) made at a fair trade-certified factory in Ethiopia. $-$$$ (FTW, M)
  • Sea Bags: If you like the nautical look, this would be a great line of accessories for you. Totes, duffel bags, and wristlets made in the U.S. from recycled sails. (EFUS)
  • Shinola: High-end watches and accessories made in Detroit and in other areas across the U.S. $$$$ (USW, M)
  • thread & paper: Geometrically patterned pouches and tote bags and simply shaped waxed-cotton and leather bags and backpacks. $-$$$ (EF, US)
  • Yellow 108: Beautiful, minimalist hats made from recycled materials and/or made in the U.S.A. (unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be crossover there), and a small but well-curated home goods section. $-$$ (EFUSW, M)
  • Zana Bayne: Fetish-inspired leather and vinyl accessories produced in NYC. Coveted and worn by many high fashion bloggers. Emphasis is more on ethical production than on ecofriendliness. $$-$$$$ (US)


  • 1% Talent: Tees and other streetwear screenprinted with adorable graphics. I saw their booth at Renegade Craft Fair a few years ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. The screenprinting is done by hand in the company founder’s Toronto studio. Most, if not all, of the tees are sourced from American Apparel. $-$$ (RS, US, X
  • All Knitwear: Beautiful, bright, colorful sweaters and hats made by one woman and her knitting machine in NYC. Made-to-order and so very very covetable. (US, W, X [hats appear to be unisex])
  • Amour Vert: Classic silhouettes with a unique detail or two thrown in (think a plain crew-neck tee, but with a knotted hem), made in sustainable fabrics. The online store also stocks a small, well-curated selection of ethically and environmentally conscious products from select other brands. Be aware: some of the brand’s products are made in the U.S.A., but others have no manufacturing information, so read the descriptions carefully! $$-$$$ (EF, USW
  • Apolis: Beautifully crafted clothing and leather goods from a brand that believes in global community and tries to be transparent about each item’s manufacturing. Many pieces are made in the U.S., and styles tend toward the minimal and utilitarian. $-$$$ (US, RSM)
  • Arkins: Fashion-forward tops and dresses made in NYC using sustainable textiles. $$-$$$ (EF, USW)
  • Babooshka Boutique: Tops and dresses with dramatic, flowing silhouettes, with a lot of press for being both flattering and comfortable. The company is woman-owned/run. $-$$ (USW)
  • Beacon’s Closet: This is a secondhand clothing store with a reputation for being extremely fashion forward. Their online shop is well-curated and has a lot of great vintage and contemporary items. All items are secondhand; occasionally there are some listed as “excellent, with tags.” $-$$ (EFRSWM)
  • Beklina: A well-curated selection of unique, beautifully crafted clothing, some of them clearly responsibly sourced and some not so clearly. There are enough of the former that this would be worth a look! $$-$$$$ (EFRSW)
  • Brave Gentleman: Shoes, shirts, trousers, suits, and coats made from animal-free fabrics (the company terms them “future leather,” “future wool,” etc.). Some of these fabrics are made from recycled materials, and the products are manufactured using fair labor in the U.S. or elsewhere. $$$-$$$$ (EFRSM)
  • Deadwood: This company is well-known for their patched leather jackets, which are made from thrifted leather. They also produce jeans and tops from sustainable materials. Manufacturing information isn’t always clear, but the company believes in humane working conditions. Based in Sweden. $$$ (EFRSWM)
  • Ecoalf: Simple, hardwearing outerwear and accessories made from recycled and sustainable materials. Unfortunately, manufacturing information isn’t always clear. Based in Spain. $$-$$$ (EFW, M) 
  • Ethica: This online boutique gathers conscientious, contemporary clothing designers into one well-designed, easily navigable website. Offerings include flowy slip dresses and vintage inspired jewelry. $$-$$$ (EFRSUSW)
  • Faircloth & Supply: Clothing made with sustainable fabrics in modern silhouettes. Clothing is not organized by gender, which is exciting. As far as I can tell, every item is sold as unisex. (EF, US, X)
  • First Rite: Minimal and classic silhouettes made from natural materials. The pieces are beautiful and sure to transcend the flow of the seasons. $$$ (EF, USW)
  • Gravel & Gold: This company’s in-house label produces clothing featuring beautiful prints and simple silhouettes, sewn in the U.S.A. This brand is especially known for their boobs print, but if you want something more work-appropriate, the night landscape print is gorgeous. The company is woman-owned and the online store also carries responsibly-produced items from other brands. $$-$$$ (EFRSUSW)
  • Groceries Apparel: Simple, stylish basics (tees, bralettes, tanks), made in Los Angeles. $-$$ (EF, USW, M)
  • Independence: A Chicago-based boutique with a well-curated online store that stocks items that are responsibly made or made in the U.S. The styles tend toward the utilitarian (think flannels, twills, denim). $-$$$ (EFRSUSW, M)
  • Kaight: A Brooklyn-based boutique that curates a large selection of ethically produced and ecofriendly clothing and and accessories. Navigating the site can be unintuitive. $-$$$ (EFRSUSW
  • Make It Good: Simple silhouettes screenprinted with geometric patterns and sewn in Portland, Oregon. Almost all of the items are marketed for women, but there are some very cute glow in the dark men’s trunks. $-$$$ (USW)
  • Modavanti: A great place to go if you want to get your basic tee, a nice business outfit, and some gym clothes all in one place. This online store curates a very varied selection of ethically produced clothes. $-$$$ (EFRSW, M)
  • Nau: Hardwearing, utilitarian outerwear and accessories made from sustainable materials. The emphasis seems to be more on the environment than on labor practices, as it is difficult to find manufacturing information. $$-$$$ (EFRSW, M) 
  • Nudie Jeans: Specializes in organic and fair trade denim. Their jeans look like they’d last you quite some time, and they have beautiful shirts and recycled wool coats too. The brand even has repair shops in certain cities where you can get your old Nudie jeans patched up for free, or you can request a repair kit. Based in Sweden. $$-$$$ (EFRS, M)
  • Outerknown: Hardwearing jackets, tees, hoodies, and pants with a utilitarian bent, made from sustainable fabrics. They’re transparent about the factories they have partnered with. $$-$$$ (EF, RS, M)
  • People Tree: This iconic ecofriendly and fair trade brand excels at providing a variety of contemporary styles while staying true to its mission. Styles tend toward basic, contemporary silhouettes, with the occasional addition of large graphics. Based in the U.K. $-$$ (EFRS, FT, W, M)
  • Proud Mary: The focus of this brand is beautifully woven fabrics. The store carries a variety of items, from tunics to shoes to bags, all made from the aforementioned textiles. $-$$$ (EFRS, W
  • Raleigh Denim: Hardwearing American-made denim in a limited number of contemporary styles and washes. $$$ (USW, M)
  • Reformation: This Los Angeles-based brand is known for its beautiful and flattering dresses, but its other clothing styles are both trendy and timeless and are coveted by many (including myself). $-$$$ (EF, USW)
  • Seamly: This brand is known for producing versatile basics with modern styling. Their most well-known item is the Versalette, which can be worn thirty different ways (sadly, it is currently on waitlist while the style is being updated). The company was founded by a woman and sewing is done in the U.S., with responsible fabric sourcing. $ – $$ (EFRS, USW)
  • Shirst: Unisex tees, sweaters, and jackets made from denim leftovers (leftovers from the mainstream fashion industry) in NYC. Simple and surprisingly eye-catching. $$ (EF, US, X)
  • Stock Mfg. Co.: Menswear designed with modern cuts and classic practicality. Made in Chicago. I am particularly in love with the four-pocketed work shirt. $$-$$$ (US, M)
  • Study NY: Beautiful, simple. This Brooklyn-based boutique creates bold, often oversized silhouettes using a variety of techniques, from no-waste pattern cutting to patchwork to weaving. $$-$$$ (EF, USW
  • Swords-Smith: Based in my hometown of Brooklyn, Swords-Smith boutique carries sculptural hats and extremely unique clothing. Not every item is ethically or environmentally conscious, but there is enough of both that I figured it was worth including this store in this list. $$-$$$$ (USW, M
  • Tradlands: A store dedicated to making quality button-up shirts for women. The shirts are made in the U.S.A. and the company is woman-owned. There is also a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts, and there are some organic options. (EF, USW)
  • Upstate: Beautiful, shibori-dyed clothing and home goods made from sustainable materials. (EF, USW)
  • Wallis Evera: Wallis Evera carries made-in-Canada clothing that is appropriate for the traditional office setting (think sheath dresses and pencil skirts). And all of their dresses and skirts have pockets(!), which are an essential feature for me. The fabrics use hemp, which is hardwearing and kinder to the environment than cotton. $$-$$$ (EF, RS, W)
  • Zady: Contemporary clothing with minimalist silhouettes, made using sustainable materials and responsible labor practices. Most, if not all, of the clothes are sewn or knit in the U.S. Their website is a little unintuitive when navigating, but the clothes are worth it. $-$$$ (EFRS, US, W, M
  • Zero Waste Daniel: The name says it all! Clothing made in NYC using fabric scraps from other manufacturers. Styles tend toward streetwear, with sweatshirt, t-shirt, jogger, and tank silhouettes. $$-$$$ (EFRS, US, W, M)


  • Edge of Ember: Geometric, contemporary jewelry that is made by fairly paid artisans around the world. Based in the UK, but they provide prices in USD and free worldwide shipping. $$-$$$ (RSW)
  • Mociun: Luxe jewelry made in NYC, occasionally employing recycled metals and ethically source gemstones. $$$-$$$$ (USW, M)
  • Natalie Frigo: Beautiful and unique pieces made from reclaimed metals and ethically sourced gems. These are definitely statement pieces. There is also a commitment/engagement/wedding ring section. $$-$$$$ (EF, USW)
  • Soko: Beautiful brass jewelry with simple but striking shapes (the chokers are stunning). This brand works with independent artisans around the world to help them build sustainable businesses. $-$$$ (RSW)
  • Tough & Pretty: The name says it all. Think spikes, skulls, and antlers, but never to excess. The jewelry is produced by a husband and wife team in Chicago. $-$$$ (US, X)

Lingerie, Lounge- & Sportswear, Socks, Underwear:

  • Alas: This brand has extremely covetable sleepwear (and now, athletic wear!). The styles are fun and colorful, with lots of geometric prints and flattering silhouettes. This brand utilizes organic and recycled fabrics and maintains responsible labor practices. Based in Australia. $-$$ (EFRSW, M)
  • Baserange: Simple underwear and loungewear silhouettes made with luxe fabrics, produced in Portugal and Turkey. Based in France. $-$$$ (EFRSW)
  • Beyond Yoga: Body positive, made-in-the-U.S.A. yogawear that transitions surprisingly well to streetwear. $$ (USW)
  • Brook There: Beautiful, simple lingerie, made from sustainable fabrics. The colorblocked bras are particularly stunning. $-$$ (EF, USW
  • Fibre Athletics: This brand’s selection is small, but the products on offer have clearly been created with lots of love and care. This is athletic wear fit for years of use. $$-$$$ (EFUS, W, M)
  • Hanky Panky: Made in the U.S. since the 1970s. Most items are made using synthetic materials, like nylon. (USW)
  • Miakoda: Underwear and loungewear made in Brooklyn using sustainable materials, like organic cotton. Simple and comfortable. $-$$ (EFUSW)
  • Only Atoms: Stylish and practical running gear / athletic wear made in NYC. I like that they also have a pair of gender neutral running shorts. And if you read their blog, this is obviously a company that cares about people. $$ (US, W, M, X)
  • Only Hearts: The clothing from this brand is so damn sexy, it hurts. Lingerie, bodysuits, pajamas, slip dresses, and even a few party dresses, almost all of it made in NYC (the organic cotton collection seems to be produced in Peru). $-$$$ (EF, USW
  • Pact: Soft, comfortable underwear and basics made from organic, fair trade cotton. $-$$ (EFFTRSW, M
  • Sock Dreams: Sock Dreams’s in-house brand of socks is created in the U.S. from recycled materials and feature unique colorways and eye-catching patterns. This particular link brings you to all of the socks that Sock Dreams stocks that are made in the U.S. Sock Dreams is known for unparalleled customer service and very detailed sizing information. $ (EFUSW, M)
  • Under the Root: This lingerie brand uses ecofriendly dyes and fabrics and makes its products in Seattle. Styles have a gothic/gothic lolita bent (think garter harnesses and ruffly bloomers). I particularly love the Belphoebe asymmetrical bandeau top. $-$$ (EFUSW)
  • Vitamin A: Body-hugging, trendy swimwear and beachwear that often utilize recycled materials. $$-$$$ (EFUSW

One Stop Shops:

  • Beklina: Lots of unique, beautifully crafted clothing, accessories, and home goods, some of them clearly responsibly sourced and some not so clearly. There are enough of the former that this would be worth a look! $$-$$$$ (EFRSW)
  • Housing Works Thrift Store: If you need a brand name fix but don’t want to spend the big bucks, Housing Works does a great job of sourcing secondhand brand name items and puts some of them on sale in their online store, where you can place bids for what’s on offer. $-$$$ (EFRS, W, M)
  • Independence: A Chicago-based boutique with a well-curated online store that stocks items that are responsibly made or made in the U.S. $-$$$ (EFRSUSW, M)
  • Kaight: A Brooklyn-based boutique that curates a large selection of ethically produced and ecofriendly clothing and home goods items. Navigating the site can occasionally be unintuitive. $-$$$ (EFRSUSW
  • Modavanti: A one-stop shop for all things conscientiously produced. Prices run all over the spectrum here depending on what you’re looking for. $-$$$ (EFRSW, M)
  • Rodale’s: This store has pretty much everything, with the exception of men’s styles. If you’re looking for a place that stocks clothing, jewelry, all matter of home goods, kids’ toys, and gardening implements, this is where to go. $-$$$$ (EFRSW)
  • Shinola: High-end clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods made across the U.S. $$$-$$$$ (USW, M)


  • Brother Vellies: Beautiful, on-trend shoes that also showcase traditional African styles of footwear. This brand uses leather that is a byproduct of government-mandated culling or of the food industry. The shoes are made by hand in South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco, and the artisans are paid fair wages. $$$-$$$$ (EFRSW, M)
  • Coclico: Covetable shoes that are made using sustainable materials in a small, family-owned and operated factory in Spain. Styles run the gamut from contemporary to classic to timeless, but most fall into the last category. These are investment pieces indeed. $$$ (EFRSW
  • Oak Street Bootmakers: Leather loafers and boots made in the U.S. The styles are classic and made to last. These are the definition of investment pieces. $$$ (US, M)
  • Oliberté: Leather shoes and boots made in a fair trade-certified factory in Ethiopia. Styles are rugged, often employing features like perforations, weaving, and topstitching. $$-$$$ (FTW, M)
  • Osborn Shoes: This brand works with artisan cooperatives and employs recycled materials and vintage textiles to create one-of-a-kind shoes. The silhouettes are classic but are made fresh with the addition of unusual fabrics and colors. $$$ (EFRSW, M)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to write about any organizations or businesses that I have mentioned. This post expresses my honest opinions.


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