Getting Settled In

After thirty-six hours of sleeplessness that included going to work, packing, and several rounds of loading and unloading, I’m moved in. I still have a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do, and I am exhausted. But most of the hard work is done.

Already I feel some changes coming through. I feel more connected to Chicago as a whole now that I am in a different part of it. I also feel more at home. Having to commute to work now (I used to live and work in the same neighborhood) reminds me of living in New York. I forgot how much I enjoy commuting on a daily basis. And it’s nice to be in a house instead of a tiny studio, even if I have a little less privacy now.

There may also be a new change career-wise on the horizon, though I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. An entry-level position in the field that I’m interested in has opened up in my company, something I thought wouldn’t happen anytime soon. I’ve applied for it. I think I have a shot. If I get it, that means I’ll be in Chicago for a year longer than expected, a prospect that is both exciting and anxiety-inducing. I’m trying to focus on the exciting parts of it.

Unfortunately, in the light of all of the above, those blog updates that I keep mentioning seem to be falling by the wayside again. I always think I can accurately predict my schedule, but life is chaotic and distracting. There are so many projects on my plate right now and I want to focus on all of them at once, which often means I don’t focus at all. I promise I will get some higher quality content on here soon!

— S. (a.k.a. AMisplacedPen)


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